Create interactive stories and memorable learning experiences for your customers and employees.

ESCAPE AR turns any room, office or outdoor space into an interactive learning experience. Make your training, product, concept or brand stand out from the crowd with meaningful and playful experiences.

Who is ESCAPE AR for

Employer Branding

Create immersive and playful journeys that convey your company’s mission. Your future hires will know they really want to work for you.

Playful Recruiting

Attract digital natives through an interactive process that will guide candidates through career paths, daily operations and challenges.


In our escape rooms, players collaborate and work together to solve challenges, making team building a natural and fun process.

Corporate Learning

Make sure your employees enjoy their training days and have the right knowledge and mindset to get things done.

Product Storytelling

Bring new products to consumers and build emotional connection. We turn any concept into an experience, so users can explore it in an interactive way.

Raising Awareness

Explain the most complex concepts to your customers, in a playful and engaging way, so they can make informed decisions.

Leading brands trust us


Energized AR is an augmented reality escape room app engaging with CSR in the core topics of Salzburg AG: energy, mobility, water and telecommunications. Young people can explore these complex issues through an interactive learning experience, which can be played inside or outside of the classroom.

“If it’s about positioning yourself as an interesting employer, there is now a way to engage young people with the help of modern technologies and with a playful approach.” Georg Baumgartner, Salzburg AG




The Digital Workplace bundle in a XR escape room app. Powered by: Escape AR
AK Salzburg

AK Salzburg

Digital Escape Room Game for AK-Salzburg. Powered by: Escape AR
Space Dog

Space Dog

Location-based escape room game for Salzburg Old Town - Powered by: Escape AR

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