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Educate. Play. Inspire.

With our solutions, you can explain even the most difficult topics in

a playful way. Dive into a unique learning experience with AR&VR.

Customize your experience

Playful Education.

Remember those childhood times when everything new was exciting? Learning was fun. Learning was freedom. Learning was play.

We create meaningful, playful experiences that make your product, concept, or brand stand out from the crowd. Our strengths are well-crafted storytelling, state-of-the-art technology and a gameful approach.


– Leading brands trust us –


Dive into a unique VR experience

Simple visualization is not an experience. Immerse yourself in alternate realities and beyond.

We push the boundaries of interactivity, for example, by developing empathic avatars for next-generation social skills training in Virtual Skills Lab.

Augment your reality, anywhere

You can move between real and virtual, without worrying about the underlying technology. We design for captivating content in AR which can be set up in any room, at any time.

Try Escape Fake to see how it explains fake news, and why young people are excited to play it.

Play away in apps & on the web

You don’t want just another app or website. We make your service unforgettable through game-like experiences and interactive user journeys.

See how we turned the production of organic food into an exciting, hands-on experience, together with Ja! Natürlich.

Whatever custom solution you have in mind,

we can build it for you!

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Featured Product

Escape AR

the unique AR room escape experience

ESCAPE AR turns any room, office or outdoor space into an interactive learning experience. Make your training, product, concept or brand stand out from the crowd with meaningful and playful experiences.

Stand out from the crowd with your next team workshop.

We are Polycular

Together with young talents we thrive to use technological innovation in creative ways to generate impact and convey meaning for our customers.

Robert PraxmarerCo-Founder

In order to convey meaning and initiate learning, we put the experience at the center of our creations. Thereby we focus on interactivity, playfulness and artistic excellence.

Thomas Layer-WagnerCo-Founder

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Salzburg Marketing Award

1st place, Feb 2018

Umdasch Prize

Winners in Learning & Education, April 2018

Salzburger Landespreis

1st & 2nd Places, Feb 2020


Nominated, Sep 2020