Space Dog is an augmented reality escape room app for the Salzburg Old Town, inviting children and adults alike to playfully explore the city.

As an association of businesses and cultural operators active in the old town, Altstadt Salzburg cares for the cultural vibrancy of the city, so that tourists and locals enjoy the arts, culture, crafts and gastronomy offers. With Space Dog, the association wanted to offer children and families a playful experience to go and explore the Old Town, find curiosities and learn about the area while being outside.

We developed an AR escape room, mixing learning with games and fun, so that families can explore the city guided by Polli, the great-great-great-great grandson of Mozart’s dog, Pimperl. The interactive experience is especially appealing for children aged 6-12 years. Follow Polli around the city to discover known, as well as hidden places with high creative energy. Listen and learn how to play Mozart and Beethoven music. Discover stories about the shape of the Ernst Wurms cucumbers at Furtwänglerpark, and many other modern art sights in Salzburg old town.

In just the first week, the app was installed more than 1.000 times, and we look forward to evaluating the campaign for local, German-speaking users in the next months.