In the AK Escape Game, we address the topic of justice and fairness in the workplace, in an augmented reality escape room game that brings the player to perform employee espionage but also help create a fairer work culture on Mars. 

In the coming years, more workplaces will be equipped with collaborative robots (CoBots) that hold workpieces for employees, assemble car seats together with them, inspect packages or work physically close to people in other ways. Understanding the states and next steps of the robot are not only important in terms of successfully completing tasks, but also play a major role in the acceptance of robots by the human interaction partners. However, there is still a great need for research to specify which robotic communication signals are understandable and pleasant for which group of people in which work context.

For AKS, we created an augmented reality escape room comprising two experiences. The first one, “Sherlock Homeoffice”, deals with the topic of monitoring employees during home office. The player is a private detective engaged in an espionage mission, aiming to find out if an employee is really working in the home office or not. Breaking and entering, hacking into smart home devices, the player needs to decide between reporting on what he has found and rising against the employer, to report them to AK for their espionage. Hint: not everything is as it seems and somebody else’s behavior might have been tracked instead. 


In the second room, the AK sends out the “voice of justice” to establish an AK-like organisation on Mars, where humans extract valuable resources under terrible conditions. But on the way to Mars, her spacecraft breaks down due to sabotage. The player needs to get the ship up and running again, with the help of a robot, while dealing with the topics of renewable energy, recalibrating space navigation to guide the voice of workers on Mars, hazardous work environments as well as human-robot collaboration.