Ways to take your marketing strategy to the next level with extended reality

Best practices, tips and ideas from successful campaigns on how to integrate extended reality in marketing, CSR and employer branding

Extended reality guide tailored to marketing and employer branding professionals

Reaching new users is becoming harder in the attention economy and brands are facing greater challenges to be unique and distinguish themselves. Many companies have already realized this and are making use of extended reality (XR) to engage users in a deeper and more meaningful way.

However, in many projects XR becomes a gimmick and it is difficult to filter how to best use this technology and in which contexts. With this guide, we show successful case studies from leading companies, which contexts they can be adapted to, and how to get started with integrating XR in your next campaign.

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Main success factors for your XR campaign come down to:


Augmented, mixed and virtual reality have different requirements, so set up your strategy and objectives beforehand, in order to find the best fit.


Choosing between augmented, mixed and virtual reality should be based on your type of campaign (scale, interactivity, context).

XR champion

Integrating XR into a company’s strategy is an innovation step that requires a thoughtful process: choose an XR champion, create an XR governance structure and engage the right stakeholders.


Secure a budget that is aligned with your campaign goals and allocate enough resources for app release and promotion.

Included in the guide

  • What are the different types of extended reality technologies, and what is specific to each.

  • 6 challenges in the future of marketing and employer branding that can be tackled with extended reality.

  • 8 selected examples of successful campaigns which made use of extended reality, and which other contexts they can be applied to.

  • How to choose between augmented, mixed and virtual reality, depending on your campaign objectives.