In Virtual Skills Lab, we design virtual reality scenarios for soft skills training such as empathy and teamwork, through interaction with embodied avatars.

Many companies require training of middle management in soft skills such as sales, communication, negotiation and teamwork. But employees are often inhibited in verbalising feelings or challenges in group settings. The methods are also not repeatable, lack contextual proximity and are often based on just cognitive insights.

In Virtual Skills Lab, we work with experts in social science, corporate culture, gender and user behavior, to develop virtual reality scenarios for advanced soft skills training. The first scene revolves around a challenging conversation situation with a team member in which you are confronted with strong emotions from the other side. In a subsequent reflection session, you get a chance to analyze the situation and understand how the other person experienced it.

Together with industry partners, we transfer our knowledge to applying these scenario to relevant corporate environments. 

Some impressions and outtakes during project creation.