“Garten-Navi” is a plant search engine. However, referring to it solely as a search engine is not sufficient to describe its capabilities, as it has the ability to match given conditions and provide a list of perfectly fitting plants.


Our customer Klaus Fresser, a garden and landscape planner and passionate plant photographer, has decided to make his personal plant catalog of almost 3,000 plants with over 12,000 photos available to the public.

Thus not yet enough this plant catalog contains also comprehensive set of tags with suitability characteristics, organization possibilities and care tips.

Thus, the existing data set is perfect for filtering plants to given suitable location criteria or personal preferences.


We have decided to combine a plant search functionality with a filter functionality.
Each filter option is delivered directly with the number of pre-calculated results.
Thus, it is always clear in advance how many results to expect.

Filters that need explanation as well as the most important ones are coupled with an assist
which explains in detail and helpfully what each option means.

Check out http://garten-navi.net