See and experience the invisible in the “Your Daikin World” app. Explore the intricate workings of various systems, including air conditioning technology, that would otherwise remain unseen to the naked eye.

“Thanks to the impressive augmented reality feature, Daikin products and solutions can be presented in an innovative and unique way.”

Anna Purtscher, Marketing - Your Daikin World Coordinator, Daikin Central Europe


Daikin is a top global company that is revolutionizing the field of heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration systems. In order to cater to the diverse needs of Your Daikin World, which is a recently constructed facility, the Solution Area had to showcase and encompass a wide range of solutions.


XR has many advantages, but it is hard to beat the capacity to discover something that is invisible to the naked eye. Daikin X-ray AR view transforms 3D printed models into an immersive augmented reality experience for “Your Daikin World”, located in Vienna. Users can interact with hotspots on the building to learn about the otherwise invisible air conditioning technology and various systems.


The AR experience helps to simplify the quite complex processes behind and to show in an easy way all the benefits and functions of Daikin products.

By walking through the scenarios – Hotel, Residential, Retail & Office – users can uncover and understand the quite complex processes behind these system and benefits and functions of Daikin products.

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