Morbus Genesis – Form follows Krankheit

Keywords: 3d Printing, Generative Product Design

Our research understands design as a process of transformation. Forms and objects get infected by diseases and an evolution of decay and death starts. As the laws of thermodynamics state: Energy can’t be lost it is rather transformed in other states or manifestations. The same process happens in our bodies millions of times a year, cells die and leave energy for the buildup of new formations. However, the greatest fear of humans still remains death. To escape this certain truth, we surround ourselves with objects and design artefacts for the illusion of stability. In this project daily life objects start to become vulnerable and begin their own life and decay. Our interest lies in the generation of new forms, inspiration, functionality, aesthetics and materialibility. Furthermore, the uncanny beauty of these objects should remind us of our own mortality and help us to cope with the unknown, grief, loss and shed a different light on consumption, satisfaction and the moments we might have to live. Another take on the project is the question of copyright and remix culture with 3D printing becoming more and more main stream production means.