Stereoscopic 3D performance with Kinect and Adaptive Learning Algorithms

This is a first teaser of our performance Versus which was premiered in Salzburg at ARGEkultur. We already started working on the second version of it with full Artificial Intelligence support and many additional visual effects (particle morphing, iso surfaces, etc.), will be premiered this summer.
A real performer meets her virtual counterpart, both learn from each other and adapt,
dance with or fight against each other. A performative experiment, that explores boundaries and possibilities in the struggle between indivual and the virtual, man and machine. Artistic and scientific positions in the fields of digital performance and artificial life are being explored.

Once again (and just as in our latest performances CPU, winner of the Salzburg Media Art Award, or 1dentity, we want to work in real existing and virtual rooms (IMAX like), we want to explore boundaries of what is possible in interactive computer performance art and we want to combine possibilities in media art with traditional art forms.