With the Ja!Biohof app, we partnered with Ja!Natürlich to develop a playful experience on eating healthily and organic farming, beloved by children and their families.

“Together with Polycular, we pursued the question of how we can engage organic lovers and young families in acquiring information about organic food. The Ja! Biohof app emerged as the winner from many excellent ideas. And the success of this gamification solution proves that we made the absolutely right decision!”

Martina Hörmer, Ja! Natürlich, REWE



Young people are future decision makers and will be clearly impacted by climate change. With this realization, Austria’s best-known organic brand and the number 1 in this market segment, partnered with us to develop new ways to engage their youngest consumers in more sustainable and organic choices. In an innovation challenge, we prevailed among 10 international startups and creative agencies, with our “Ja! Biohof!” app, an



In the app, children slip into the role of the “piglet”, Ja!Natürlich’s mascot, and can experience organic farming at home. From working the field after winter, harvesting and through complex product processing steps such as the production of cheese, the players learn, in addition to fun games, what organic agriculture means. All the graphics in the game are hand-drawn and convey in a varied interactive story how products are created. 


With strong download figures and high ratings showing acceptance by customers, the customer showed the added value of its high quality and organic products and engaged new generations in imagining more sustainable consumption patterns.